Unique Features

Our app has virtual coffee and turkish coffee readings. After you finish your delicious coffee, just put a plate over the cup, turn it upside down and after it cools down snap a picture on the app. Our psyhics will send you your fortune in just a couple minutes. Don't have coffee? We also know where the best coffee is! Check out the Fortune Coffee store or not in the mood for a good dose of caffeine, do a virtual reading.

Coffee Reading

After drinking your bubbly turkish coffee, place the saucer over your cup, flip it over and wait for the cup to cool down. Open FortuneCoffee app and snap a picture to see if you have any surprise visits for this week!

Tarot Cards

Fan of card readings. Get your daily, love or career predictions. Or make a wish and see if it will come true. Wanted to see if you get that new job you applied for just make a wish and pick a card! Horoscopes coming soon!

Virtual Coffee Reading

Don't like coffee or it's too late at night? But you are dying to know what's going to happen with your ex? You can get a virtual coffee reading. Our psyhics will read your virtually generated fortune and tell you that you should watch out for the new cute guy at work instead!

When fortune knocks
open the door!

Aftering indulging in your bubbly turkish coffee, place a saucer over your cup. Then, flip the cup over. Once the cup is cooled, open the FortuneCoffee app and capture a photo of your empty cup. Find out if you will have any surprise visitors this week! Could be that old high school crush of yours.

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